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Serqet Edit

  • Serqet is a scorpian godess in the Kane chronicles. Not much is known about her past in ancient egypt.In the book she shows up chasing Carter and Sadie Kane and the cat godess Bast. She makes thousands of scorpians chase after them into a museum where Zia comes and makes aprotective ring where she fights the godess Serqet makes a giant shadow scorpian tail and the scorpians retreat into her robes Zia tries to defeat her with the 7 ribbons but she brake out and turns into a giant scorpian but Zia teleports them before it can do anything.
  • Apperance
  • Serqet has brown robes with golden jewlery and pale white skin that looks like a bugs ectoskelaton and an egyption style haircut and has bug manibles behind her teeth. She also has a giant sorpian on her head.
  • Abbilities
  • Serqet can make scorpians appear and make them go back in her robes she can make a giant shadow scorpian tail she can turn into a giant scorpian and has the standard abilities of a god.

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